Award-winning international speaker, Mentor and Coach

About Me


Baroness Angelika von Canal Christie comes from an almost 1000 years old German aristocratic family. She moved to the Bahamas over 40 years ago where she built 2 successful businesses before following her true calling as a mentor and coach who helps especially women tap into their brilliance, unrealized elegance and unique style. As an award-winning international speaker, Angelika is recognized as a Women’s Advocate, Thought leader, and Trendsetter in Personal Development. 

She travels much abroad to speak at venues like Harvard Faculty Club, Harvard Club of Boston, WestPoint, Rockefeller Center, and recently shared the stage with Martha Stewart and other living Legends, at Carnegie Hall. 

Angelika’s expertise and personal experience shows women how to upgrade their life through skills that elevate them into the upper social and economic class where they prosper as the sophisticated and charismatic Ladies who enjoy living an uncompromised and fulfilling life. 

Media and Speaking

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